Levels of Care


This level of care is provided where the patient calls home (private residence, group home, assisted living, long term care facility or nursing home). Routine Care is the most commonly used level of care and is the standard level of care while a patient is on hospice.

Inpatient Respite - This level of care is provided to patients with families and caregivers that experience distress or burnout. The patient will receive this care at a skilled nursing facility or long term care facility for the period of up to five consecutive days. Hospice Care continues to provide service to the patient while using Respite.

*General Inpatient (GIP)

This level of care is provided to patients that experience uncontrollable symptoms and/or pain that cannot be managed by the Hospice nurse in the home. The patient will be transferred to a Hospice Inpatient Unit or contracted facility for Inpatient Status. The patient is under RN supervision 24 hours a day, and the Hospice nurse makes a daily visit to check on the patient and review General Inpatient (GIP) status. The patient’s status is reviewed each day and a plan is made to get the patient back to his or her home when the pain and/or symptoms are under control.

*Continuous Care

This level of care is for patients that need and qualify for continuous Hospice Care. The patient receives care for a full 24 hours, 8 of which is provided by a nurse. The patient is evaluated each day to ensure that this level of care can continue.

*Must be determined appropriate for this level of care by the Hospice Case Manager and Medical Director.